Our seed trays are suitable for both microgreens and sprouting.

They consist of 2 parts, an upper and lower section, and are made from Polypropylene (PP), a fully recyclable material. You can purchase these from many of our outlets, a list of those is available to view on our OUTLET PAGE.

Our small tray is 300mm x 230mm x 45mm deep. We can also supply a 20 x 10 tray as it is known in the industry, 500mm x 250mm and can be supplied in 2 parts as with our small tray.

The upper part of the tray is perforated on the bottom and the lower part has a solid bottom to contain water.

We also supply a transparent lid for the smaller tray although we seldom use this for our microgreens and sprouts as it tends to deprive them of oxygen. Something just as crucial to plants as it is to all forms of life. We tend to use the lids/covers for transportation and for protection of the growth from time to time.