Coconut Coir

We sell our Coir in blocks of on average 4.6kg. With Coco Coir it is not always possible to get an exact weight so a plus or minus of up to 300gm is possible. Generally, we sell the larger blocks to our customers and use the smaller blocks ourselves. Our price is per block rather than based on size/weight due to this reason. All our Coir has been fumigated and supplied with a certificate and a Phytosanitary certificate prior to being imported and would not be allowed into the country without this process or certification.

We sell our Coir blocks to individual customers, trade outlets and other growers throughout the horticultural/agricultural industry.

Add 4.5 litres of water for every kg of Coir. Leave to soak for 30 minutes till water is absorbed and turn to ensure all lumps have been broken up. The Coir is then ready to use for potting or whatever project you will be working on. You can use less water but it will take longer to fully soak, thus decompressing the Coir.

GRADE: = A-Low EC , 0.5 mS/cm (Dry EC method) Coco pith block.
BLOCK SIZE: = 30 X 30 x 13cm (With a tolerance level of +/- 2cm thick).
MOISTURE: = 10-15%
BLOCK WEIGHT: = 4.6kg + or – 300gr.
PH: 5.8 to 6.8
IMPURITIES: = 100% destoned material.
FIBRE: = 3%.
EXPANTION: = 16-18 litres/kg

Decompressed and Dried Coconut Coir

Now you dont have to soak your Coir to decompress and wait for it to dry. We do it for you. It comes in a 42 litre Polypropylene woven sack ready to use for whatever purpose you choose. Great for bedding for your pets as it is capable of absorbing up to 12 litres of liquid. 

Delivery of Coconut Coir being moved to warehouse