Allergy Information

Some seeds can bring about an allergic reaction as can some of our fresh produce. You will have to satisfy yourselves as to whether any of our produce or seeds may affect you with regards to this aspect.

We offer Mustard seeds as well as in our JUST ADD WATER and our fresh produce ranges. Because we produce all our products in the one unit it is possible that traces of Mustard may contaminate other products such as those mentioned. Whilst we take every possible precaution to protect against any form of cross contamination, we must nevertheless always err on the side of caution and this includes cross contamination of seeds prior to our procurement. Therefore, please be AWARE: Some of our products may contain MUSTARD. This is labelled on all our produce and our products. 

There are other seeds that can cause allergic reactions such as Sesame, Peanut, Poppy and Sunflower. We are not providing or producing these at this time but would just bring this to your attention so that you may be aware of the risks that can be associated with seed handling and or consumption.